Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Google Defends New Privacy Policy -

Read the WSJ article and then revisit FTC settlement gives Facebook leverage over competitors (Washington Post), for an interesting juxtaposition; also see Google Targets Rival Facebook With Tough New Privacy Policies (Daily Beast/Dan Lyons) 

Google said the changes could improve people's experience using some of its services. But the company has also indicated to outsiders that the changes may help boost its online-advertising business, which generated nearly $40 billion in revenue last year.

Google said that it isn't collecting new kinds of information about people and that the policy essentially consolidates dozens of policies that were already in effect for individual Google services. But it added that if users are signed into their Google accounts, data about their Web-search history and the videos they watched on YouTube may now be used in combination with other services.

Google Defends New Privacy Policy -

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