Saturday, February 02, 2008

Eyes on Google, Microsoft Bids $44 Billion for Yahoo - New York Times

In some respects, MSFT/YHOO is reminiscent of ORCL/BEAS -- it's unlikely another bidder will appear, and, while it may take months to close the deal, it's widely considered to be a sensible combination.

Analysts say few companies, other than Google, would have the resources to compete with Microsoft’s bid. On Friday, Yahoo’s bankers — Goldman Sachs and Lehman Brothers — were canvassing behind the scenes for other suitors, putting out feelers to the likes of News Corporation, AT&T and others.

And Google is not likely to enter the fray because of probable antitrust objections. A Google spokesman said Friday that it would be “premature to comment.”

Another quote from the NYT article:

If consummated, the deal would instantly redraw the competitive landscape on the Internet. And it would escalate the rivalry between Microsoft and Google, already the most intense high-stakes battle in the technology world, over who will dominate the booming online advertising business.

My $.02: MSFT/GOOG may be the most widely publicized technology rivalry today, but I think the Microsoft/Oracle competitive landscape is ultimately the most important software (e.g., not advertising) battle for the next decade.

Eyes on Google, Microsoft Bids $44 Billion for Yahoo - New York Times

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