Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Burton Group Honors META's Research Commitment

Burton Group Honors META's Research Commitment: "Burton Group, the only IT research firm focused on in-depth analysis of enterprise infrastructure technologies, today announced that it will honor META Group's research commitment to META's customers.
Burton Group is giving META research clients one Burton Group research service at no cost through the end of 2005. Jamie Lewis, Burton Group CEO and research chair, wanted Burton Group to step up to the plate during this confusing time of consolidation and offer support to META's clients, ensuring that they maintain a balanced research portfolio.
'Today's successful enterprises use a diverse portfolio of research services to get balanced advice,' says Lewis. 'These discriminating 'buyers of technology' demand and deserve only the most detailed, unbiased, and technical research, which is why I humbly offer Burton Group's services to fill that role.' "

Now that Meta is being subsumed into Gartner (see this FAQ for details, e.g., on the retirement of the Meta brand; the FAQ doesn't detail the Meta employee retention level, but I've heard it is a small minority percentage), Burton Group is making its service available to former Meta clients. See this page for details.
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