Thursday, August 05, 2004

Jonathan Schwartz's Weblog: IBM's Pickling Continues

Jonathan Schwartz's Weblog: IBM's Pickling Continues "I'm heartened to note that SuSe has added in an application server to their linux distribution - increasing the pressure on IBM to defend its increasingly curious linux strategy. Why bother with WebSphere when you get an app server in Solaris, Red Hat, Windows, and SuSe? Great question for IBM customers and ISV's to ask before they re-up on WebSphere - you've never had stronger pricing leverage.
I particularly enjoy the jockeying between the companies on the definition of "low-end" vs. "high-end" application servers. I wonder whose definition will matter most when their sales reps are trying to close a big app server deal."

(Continues with the requisite patent FUD etc.)

Perplexing, considering the source. Gee, do you suppose good-enough/"low-end" open source also applies in domains such as directory and messaging? And what does that mean for Sun's server software suite?
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