Monday, August 09, 2004 | Technology conferences: The new networking | Technology conferences: The new networking "Normally, a blog—short for web log—is a sort of online diary where people record their thoughts and post links to their favourite web pages for friends to see. But at tech conferences, the blogs, in the form of internet chat rooms, can also be projected on to a large screen next to the stage. Attendees can now look up from their laptops and, without making eye contact with the people sitting next to them, read what everybody else is saying about the panel discussion. The appeal is obvious.
Geeks sometimes want to shut up other geeks, but don't know how to do it gracefully. So now they can blog it on to the screen. This is how Steve Mills, the software boss of IBM and, to some attendees, a sort of buttoned-down, corporate geek, was dispatched during his keynote address at AlwaysOn, a conference in Palo Alto last month."

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