Thursday, April 11, 2002 - Mossberg's Mailbox "Q: I don't want Windows XP. I still like Windows 98. But all new computers seem to come with XP. Is there a way (without too much wailing and gnashing of teeth) to buy a new computer and uninstall XP, then install Windows 98? How will that affect the drivers for things like a CDR, etc.?

A: It would be a major undertaking. You'd probably have to reformat the hard disk, wiping out everything, and then reboot from a floppy with a driver for the CD drive. Then, you'd have to install Windows 98 from an original CD. And the Windows 98 CD would have to be a full-fledged version, not the "upgrade" version, which requires the presence of an earlier version of Windows.... Not only that, but you'd have to find and install Windows 98 drivers for all your drives and cards and peripherals. Some of these drivers might be included on your Windows 98 CD, but since you'd have a new PC, some of the peripherals might be newer than Windows 98, and would require new drivers.... Unless you are highly technical, I don't recommend you try this. It has the potential for massive misery. Instead, I'd look around for a local computer shop that might sell you a new machine with Windows 98 preloaded, or even a machine with Windows Me, which is very similar to Windows 98."

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