Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Yes, You Actually Should Be Using Emojis at Work | WSJ [Apple News+]

Article summary: "Once viewed as a frivolity, emojis are now key to clear and concise communication, esprit de corps and cultivating a shared corporate culture"
"The utility of emojis is not an excuse to use them willy-nilly. If you don’t know the local emoji parlance, attempting to use one can make you seem unserious and damage your subsequent ability to collaborate with others, says Ella Glikson, a researcher at Carnegie Mellon University. With her collaborators, Dr. Glikson found that using emojis in initial communication with unfamiliar people could even make you appear less competent.
For younger employees, knowing when to strategically deploy an emoji to smooth communication or add context can be natural, says Mr. Belanich of Joyride Coffee. “But I’ve also seen it done not especially well, and it can come across like that ‘How do you do, fellow kids?’ meme.”
A good rule of thumb: If you don’t know what Mr. Belanich is talking about when he references actor Steve Buscemi’s internet-famous turn on “30 Rock” as a skateboard-toting undercover detective, you might not be ready to bust out the “folded hands” emoji, much less the “hundred points.”"
Yes, You Actually Should Be Using Emojis at Work | WSJ [Apple News+]

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