Thursday, June 29, 2017

Trump Attacks the 'AmazonWashingtonPost' Over Taxes - Bloomberg

Also see Trump, Amazon and ‘Internet Taxes’: What Did He Mean? (NYT)

"The Trump administration  does have the power to cause trouble for Amazon and Bezos. Trump has said that Amazon has a “huge antitrust” problem, arguing that the company has destroyed department stores and the retail industry. That hasn’t kept the company’s stock from rising 27 percent since election day, and recently topping $1,000. But Amazon’s proposed acquisition of Whole Foods Market, the grocery chain, raises a new antitrust vulnerability for the company. 

Of course, that’s getting pretty far ahead of Wednesday's tweet. The AmazonWashingtonPost wasn’t the only target in the president’s morning Twitter fusillade. He also criticized the New York Times as a “Fake News Joke!” and said “some of the Fake News Media” were wrongly accusing him of being unengaged in the health care debate. The Times ran a front-page story saying that Republican senators were keeping Trump at arms length as it tried to write new health care legislation."
Trump Attacks the 'AmazonWashingtonPost' Over Taxes - Bloomberg

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