Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Virtual Reality Hits the Gym - Bloomberg

For a review of a (currently) less-VR but similarly expensive exercise option, see My Two-Month Ride with Peloton, the Cultish, Internet-Connected Fitness Bike (The Verge)

"The fitness industry has been trying for decades to make exercise less boring -- from TVs embedded in treadmills to apps nudging users to stay on schedule -- but technology has yet to find a cure for the monotony of working out. Scholl is part of nascent community that believes the addictive pull of video games combined with the immersive power of VR will do the trick.

Cambridge, Massachusetts-based VirZOOM Inc. transforms bike machines into VR controllers that let gamers fly horses and drive Formula 1 cars. A Helsinki augmented reality startup overlays digital images onto rock-climbing walls, letting climbers play games or battle each other while ascending. More low-key solutions include home workouts built around VR archery, shooting and boxing games which enthusiasts say help people build upper-body strength and lose weight."
Virtual Reality Hits the Gym - Bloomberg

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