Wednesday, October 26, 2016

This is Jamboard, Google’s new 4K digital whiteboard - Recode

Also see Jamboard — the whiteboard, reimagined for collaboration in the cloud (Google Blog)

"But like most of Google’s suite of business apps, the real point is the software and its collaborative cloud service.

As you might expect, inside a “Jam” session, you can draw, type, import and scribble on images and Google Docs, search the web in a mini-browser, communicate with colleagues via Google Hangout and keep a digital record of your work in Google Drive. Teams using multiple Jamboards can work together on the same project in real time, as long as there’s internet access.

There’s also a full-featured tablet app for iOS and Android (so others can participate without a Jamboard) and a simpler version of the app for smartphones. Companies can test the concept just using these apps, though Google (obviously) thinks the huge touchscreen is a big part of the equation. It has been testing the software and devices with about 30 teams internally and with external partners including Netflix and Spotify."
This is Jamboard, Google’s new 4K digital whiteboard - Recode

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