Friday, July 08, 2016

Facebook is the social network for news - Recode

The Fourth Estate goes social and mobile
"Most people in the U.S. read news from their phones and of those on Facebook, more than two-thirds use it for news, according to new data from Pew Research.
The rest of the report painted a fairly bleak picture of the state of news media today:
  • Young people read less news than old people. Those who do read news get that news online much more frequently than old people who also read news.
  • More people get news from their phones than they used to — 72 percent of American adults in 2016 versus 54 percent in 2013.
  • The majority of Americans — roughly 75 percent — think news organizations are biased.
  • Facebook is still the dominant social platform when it comes to news consumption."
Facebook is the social network for news - Recode

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