Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Why Apple Is Like a Movie Studio | Re/code

Walt Mossberg assesses potential opportunities for Apple to move beyond "sequels;" on a related note, see With FuelBand exit, Nike signals the limits of tech's appeal (CNET)

"But the most exciting possibility is monitoring and managing health, using an app on Apple’s current devices and possibly a new wearable product or products. Cook has hinted strongly that the company is very interested in some sort of wristband — but only if it could be compelling and go well beyond what’s out there.

Health, sensors and wearables would fit the Apple pattern: Taking products that already exist, but aren’t very good or coherent, and turning them into something that is at the same time practical, aspirational and desirable, and that can be part of a larger platform."
Why Apple Is Like a Movie Studio | Re/code

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