Friday, February 22, 2013

Chromebook Pixel Reveals Google's Master Plan for QuickOffice [Mashable]

Another Pixel feature
"Now we know what Google's plan was for QuickOffice when it acquired the company last summer. The search giant is hard-wiring it into Chrome OS, and the new Chromebook Pixel will be the first Chromebook to run QuickOffice via the browser.
When Google swallowed up QuickOffice it said it was buying the software because of its interoperability features. QuickOffice — which has apps on iPhone, iPad and Android but no full browser version until today — can open and edit documents in many different formats, including those for Microsoft Office."
A NYT reviewer adds:
"With the help of Quickoffice, a start-up Google acquired last year, a way to seamlessly open, edit and send Word or Excel files was created on the Chromebook.
These features are an acknowledgement that Google Docs is nowhere close to taking on Microsoft Office.
“All of us deal with Word files, Excel files,” Mr. Pichai said. “It’s here to stay.”"
Chromebook Pixel Reveals Google's Master Plan for QuickOffice

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