Friday, February 22, 2008

Karen Hobert's Connecting Dots: When will they learn? [Book recommendation: "Where Have All the Emails Gone?"]

Review of a timely and scary book (good read, scary topic); see Karen's post for more details

Politics aside, "Where Have All the EMails Gone?" is an good case study of what not to do if you want to keep e-mail secure, auditable, and recoverable. The book is an easy read and is peppered with repeated disclaimers of political bias by proving that this problem is non-partisan having started in a Democratic White House and has come to our attention in a Republican White House.

Check out the companion web site  and think about reading the book -- it's a useful survey of some important email market dynamics, and also an objective (and mostly nonpartisan) assessment of what appears to be incredibly bad IT policy within the White House. 

A quote from p. 176:

If you take away anything at all from this book, please make it this -- email in the White House needs to be fixed.  Not because we want to give Congress a bigger stick with which to beat on Presidents, but because some really bad things could happen if it's not fixed.

Migration from Notes/Domino to Outlook/Exchange in the midst of a war, Karl Rove's habit of losing Blackberry devices, and much more -- quite a story.

Karen Hobert's Connecting Dots: When will they learn?

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