Thursday, June 28, 2007

Start-Ups Make Inroads With Google's Work Force -

Timely Google reality check -- on how some candidates are finding the company size and potentially limited financial upside are not compelling... 

As Google Inc. exploded into a company of more than 12,000 employees, attracting a million resumes a year, the Internet giant rarely lost staff to start-ups or had prospective workers turn down job offers. Now, though, Google's magnetic pull on top Silicon Valley talent is showing signs of weakening.


p.s. sorry about the relatively sparse posts this week -- I've been so depressed about not having an iPhone that news-scanning has been painful, with all of the iPhone articles. 

Just kidding -- I've been at Burton Group's annual Catalyst conference all week, with a very hectic schedule.  I'll return to my normal routine next week.  (I do, however, despise my Cingular/LG phone combination, in case you're wondering if I truly have iPhone envy...)

Start-Ups Make Inroads With Google's Work Force -

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