Monday, May 21, 2007

Google, Weigh Alliance to Battle Microsoft -

 I suspect any deal would be more a function of competing with Microsoft CRM than Google competing with Microsoft.

The companies are still hashing out details of a potential partnership, expected to be announced in the next few weeks. But one outcome, these people said, could be a Web-based offering that integrates some of Google's online services such as email and instant-messaging with those of, whose "customer-relationship management" tools help salespeople track their accounts. Details about how such a service might be sold are still in flux, they added.


Unrelated to the negotiations, Google announced Friday that it is launching a new Google Apps Partner Edition, which will let other Internet companies build Google's online word-processing, spreadsheet and email services into their own products. Google Apps Partner Edition has both a free service and a package that includes phone support as well as additional branding and advertising options for a monthly fee.

Source: Google, Weigh Alliance to Battle Microsoft -

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