Friday, November 01, 2002 - Microsoft on Custom XPs "After 11 years we finally got to the NT code base for basically everyone. And the benefits of that [include] higher reliability, more stability, security, and the like for consumers. It's obviously better for IHVs [independent hardware vendors] because they only have to write one driver and it will work everywhere. And now we have the flexibility to target specific customer needs very quickly without having a splintering of the code base."...
"We have a lot of analogies we talk about here--that the Tablet is like a cell phone and the Smart Display is like the cordless phone in the house. You can't go outside the house with it very far, versus the Tablet, which you can take totally with you--it's a full-fledged machine."
(It's actually 14 years + 1 day since MSFT started on NT -- Halloween 1988.)

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