Monday, March 04, 2002

Pew Internet & American Life Project "This longitudinal approach shows that over the course of a year people's use of the Internet gets more serious and functional. Internet users do more kinds of things online after they gain experience, especially related to their jobs, even as they spend a bit less time online during their typical sessions. As they gain experience, many Net surfers seemed less dazzled by the Internet. As a result, they are less likely to email a family member on a daily basis. Still, they are more likely than before to turn to the Internet to share worries or seek advice from those close to them. At the same time, users value the Internet as much or more than ever. This suggests that time online breeds competence and self-assurance for users; they are more efficient at what they do online and what they use email to accomplish. As Internet use is woven more into the daily lives of users, they find ways to get more out of it while spending less time with it" (via Farber, Winer, others...)

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