Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Facebook Paper vs. Flipboard: Which News App Delivers? -

Final paragraphs of a Flipboard/Facebook Paper comparison

"Flipboard could still do a better job. It isn't always clear to the reader why a particular story was surfaced, and while I preferred its devotion to the tried-and-true headline, it too often felt like a collection of them. Flipboard could benefit from the tinier type that Facebook uses on Paper, too. More information is packed in, but it's all still readable on today's high-resolution screens.
I preferred Flipboard, but Paper offers a better way than ever to consume and contribute to Facebook, while taking in a much broader picture of the world. Though this kind of lean-back news experience presents an alternative to gobbling a never-ending supply of news nuggets, both apps face the challenge of convincing us to make time for it."
Facebook Paper vs. Flipboard: Which News App Delivers? -
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