Sunday, August 25, 2013

VMware Killed the Past. Can It Claim the Future? -

A big week ahead for VMware
"VMware’s main product, virtualization software, allows one computer server to do the work of many, and for complex tasks to be shared across several machines. That disrupted the old computer server business, and helped usher in the current model of big data centers and cloud computing. But now, as other companies offer both proprietary and open source virtualization, VMware has to move on from the world it helped destroy.
Next week at VMworld, its annual customer event, Mr. Gelsinger will lay out the most detailed plan yet for how VMware will move ahead. VMware will be offering public cloud computing, much like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft’s Azure, but with higher service levels and quality of service guaranteed."
VMware Killed the Past. Can It Claim the Future? -

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