Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Many Internet-Video Options for TVs -

Walt Mossberg surveys the options; on related notes, see Apple Acquires Matcha.TV (WSJ) and Why Apple TV Is a Cord-Cutter’s Gateway Drug (AllThingsD)
"Should you buy a "smart TV" to watch, say, Netflix? Or should you make an older TV "smart" by attaching a box that includes Netflix? Or should you buy an adapter and just beam Netflix wirelessly from your smartphone or tablet? And then, should you stream a movie or download it? Do you have to pay to get TV shows and movies from the Internet, or can you get them for free?
There's no one right answer for everyone, or every situation. To help sort out the choices, here's a primer for watching Internet video on a TV, legally."
The Many Internet-Video Options for TVs -

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