Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Omnivoracious: "What the Plus?" - A Talk with Guy Kawasaki

$2.51 in the U.S. Amazon Kindle store (note that it's "optimized for larger screens")
"Omnivoracious: It’s been 25 years since you wrote The Macintosh Way. Until recently, that was the only book you’d written about a product. Now you’ve published What the Plus!, which came flying out of the gate at Amazon and has received truly stellar customer reviews. What is it about Google+ that made you decide to write a book about it?
Guy Kawasaki: Two things: first, I love to use Google+ just like I loved to use a Macintosh. It "speaks to me" because of it's elegant design, ability to edit, and beautiful integration of pictures. Second, I saw that people weren't "getting it" and experts predicted its failure--which is exactly what happened with Macintosh. This just rankles my soul."
Omnivoracious: "What the Plus?" - A Talk with Guy Kawasaki
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