Thursday, April 05, 2012

Google Offers Look at Internet-Connected Glasses -

More Project Glass details

“But Google has amassed some of the leading experts in this field within Google X, a company lab responsible for such projects that was also something of a company secret before Wednesday.

Richard W. DeVaul, a former Apple engineer who specializes in wearable computers, left that company last year to join Google X. According to Mr. DeVaul’s Web site, he is now a “rapid evaluator,” working in a team at Google run by Astro Teller, who specializes in artificial intelligence and wearable devices.

Another Google employee, Babak Parviz, who is also an associate professor at the University of Washington, specializes in bio-nanotechnology, the fusion of biology and technology focused on manipulating atoms and molecules. He most recently built a contact lens with embedded electronics that form a miniature display — raising the possibility that Project Glass, as Google is calling the eyeglass effort, could become Project Contact Lens at some point.”

Google Offers Look at Internet-Connected Glasses -

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