Thursday, March 16, 2006

Cisco Plans Its Home Invasion - Enterprise Technology -

Cisco Plans Its Home Invasion - Enterprise Technology - "In the digital domicile of the future, according to Chambers, television, telephone and Web services will flow into living rooms over the same fat Internet pipe. Consumers will exert as much control over their TVs as they now have over their Web browsers, ordering from a limitless menu of programming. With a few clicks of the remote control, viewers will be able not only to watch old movie classics, but to open video and audio connections to far-flung family members, so they can view shows (say, Duke basketball) and talk to each other as though they were all sitting in the same room. Most telling about Chambers's vision, though, is, he believes Cisco itself is in position to deliver all this technology directly to the home. It's one thing to be the behind-the-scenes hardware Goliath that laid out all the infrastructure for the Net --quite another to be a company every consumer recognizes."

Timely snapshot of Cisco's strategy
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