Thursday, October 06, 2005

Computerworld | Sun's software chief eyes databases, groupware

Computerworld | Sun's software chief eyes databases, groupware: "'If you look at the spectrum of databases, at the high end you have two companies - Oracle and IBM [and] MySQL ain't even near those guys,' Loiacono said. 'You've got MySQL, PostgreSQL, and things like Cloudscape and Derby. People in the high-end space are saying they just can't afford the licensing fees they are charging [and] even Microsoft SQL is not dirt cheap.'
Loiacono said that, because customers are asking what else is out there, Sun is taking a serious look at solving that problem by addressing some of the need in that space.
'We're not going to OEM Microsoft but we are looking at PostgreSQL right now,' he said, adding that over time the database will become integrated into the operating system. "

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