Friday, July 01, 2005

Scott McNealy Faces Forward | Bayosphere

Scott McNealy Faces Forward | Bayosphere: "I am a dinosaur. Scott McNealy told me so.
Really: I’m one of those people who still thinks it’s a good idea to carry my data around with me. Well, not all of it, but most of what I need for my work, and quite a lot of my leisure data as well, namely music in my MP3 collection.
Mr McNealy, the co-founder and longtime chief executive at Sun Microsystems, thinks my notions are quaint. My data should be as available, wherever I happen to be at the moment, as electricity."

Gee, I guess I won't need Groove, Notes, or iFolder anymore, in McNealy's vision of the future.

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Bob Balaban said...

McNealy's an idiot. This is just another "message du jour". Think it will get Sun's stock out of the toilet?