Tuesday, July 05, 2005

CRN | Breaking News | Microsoft 'CRM Next' Becomes CRM 3.0

CRN | Breaking News | Microsoft 'CRM Next' Becomes CRM 3.0: "But, perhaps most important to partners, with this release, Microsoft will offer a Service Provider License Agreement (SPLA) that will enable partners who want to host CRM for their customers to do so on a subscription basis. The idea is to let partners compete effectively with Salesforce.com on price in hosted situations and also continue to offer on-premises CRM. Pricing is not set yet, but Wilson said VARs will be able to offer pricing that is very competitive with Salesforce.com Professional, which costs about $125 per user per month. Microsoft had hoped to get this piece of the puzzle done last year, but held off to sort out SPLA issues and because newer CRM was architected to better support the hosted model, sources said at the time."
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