Thursday, May 09, 2002 - Digits: Sun Microsystems Employees Hang
Gallows Humor at Execs' Departures
"Sun Microsystems Inc. has tried to put the best face on the fact that four of its high-level executives are planning to retire. Chief among them: President Ed Zander, whose role will be assumed by Scott McNealy, the company's founder and chief executive. ... But last week, employees inside the Santa Clara, Calif., company were making light of that fact, circulating a mocking news release headlined: "All Sun Microsystems Employees Resign from Company; Scott McNealy to Assume All Positions." ... The facetious -- and biting -- release quotes Mr. McNealy touting the benefits of a one-man employee base: "... this will reduce our human-resources costs dramatically and bring our profits in line with the unrealistic expectations that Wall Street developed during the 'dot-com' years."
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