Friday, May 17, 2002

The Seattle Times: Business & Technology: Microsoft sees a future for an expanded Xbox "In recent speeches around the country, Chairman Bill Gates and Chief Executive Steve Ballmer talked about plans to add television controls to the Xbox and develop a device combining the features of a game console, computer, TV set-top box and music player." ... "Ballmer said the company is working on a multifunction device that could be sold at low cost and prove attractive to households that may not see the value of a computer. His remarks came May 11 in New York at the Blacks in Technology Summit. ..." ... There will be a day in the next five, six, seven years when you'll be able to buy a device ... for maybe $500 or $600 that's your TV, that's your CD player, your DVD player, it's your video-game player, it's your PC, it's your Internet access device and it's your TV tuner all in one ... ,'' he said."
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