Monday, April 08, 2002 Paul Allen Aims At Microsoft With Moxi "The Moxi technology is what will also make Digeo's offering tremendously appealing. Users can send programming to other TV sets in their homes and to computers and stereos for much less than it would cost to have multiple cable boxes... "That's the secret sauce," says Doherty, "The average household has 2.7 cable boxes, and with Moxi, Digeo now has a way to meet the demand for multiple boxes in a way that's still affordable." ... The piece de resistance for Allen no doubt is the fact that the merger will put him in a position to challenge alma mater Microsoft in the television set-top box market, which the behemoth is desperately trying to conquer to little avail. "This will raise the bar for Microsoft," says Doherty. "They're either going to have to dig in and create a better design or fold their tent and get out of the market all together."
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