Monday, October 06, 2014

Forrester Ranks the NoSQL Database Vendors (Datanami)

Check the full post for summaries of Forrester's document-oriented and key-value NoSQL Wave assessments

"The key-value field was a bit more crowded, with seven vendors making the cut, including Aerospike, Amazon Web Services, Basho Technologies, Couchbase, Datastax, MapR Technologies, and Oracle.

One of the leaders is MapR Technologies. MapR is best known for its Hadoop offering, but it also offers a database that’s based on HBase, the wide-table key-value store that’s based on Google’s BigTable. MapR’s NoSQL offering ranked highest among the group, with a particularly strong operational component. Forrester seemed particularly impressed with the capability of MapR customers to deploy transactional and analytical workloads in a single cluster."
Forrester Ranks the NoSQL Database Vendors
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