Thursday, November 07, 2002 - Mossberg: Can the Tablet PC Hit the Mainstream?"...I've been testing four Tablet PC models and I have mixed feelings about these first examples of the new design. They work well for handwritten notes, which could replace some paper files. They are also far better than a standard laptop for comfortably reading long documents.
But they have a big drawback: Microsoft has done surprisingly little to adapt Windows and Office to the pen-and-ink format. So, using the stylus to do almost anything but take notes -- even basic tasks, such as adjusting speaker volume, saving a file or addressing an e-mail -- can be clumsy and frustrating.
As a result, I don't see these first Tablets as mainstream products. Instead, I see them catching on with gadget freaks, people in business or college who deeply desire to take notes on a PC instead of paper, and those with large amounts of on-screen reading to do on a regular basis."

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