Monday, January 17, 2011

Magazines Pursue Tablets, but iPad Limits Subscriptions -

iPad publishing is not working out as hoped, for traditional magazine publishers; I expect the Apple iBooks store, in contrast, is essentially a non-starter, compared with Amazon Kindle

In addition to limiting magazine sales to single issues, Apple has declined to share consumer data, meaning the Hearsts, Condé Nasts and Time Incs. of the publishing world know nothing about the people who are buying their digital magazines.

While they are far from writing off the iPad, publishers are eagerly awaiting the development of new tablet technologies from Google, BlackBerry and others that could at least give them some leverage.

Magazines Pursue Tablets, but iPad Limits Subscriptions -

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Steven Lewis said...

Tablets and e-readers aren't going to be as good for magazines and newspapers as they could be if readers continue to insist they be free.

I wrote a book on automating your Kindle and discovered in publicising it that what people were searching for was free ways to get magazines and newspapers on their Kindles. That experience tells me that things are not rosy for publishers despite the boom in reading on tablets and e-readers. If you'll forgive the self-promotion, the book is Kindle for Newspapers, Magazines and Blogs.

I know everyone talks about the iPad for publications but the Kindle has come a long way. The new version of its software lays out newspapers in a far superior way to the previous version. I've put some screenshots of the new Kindle newspaper layout in my blog. (Sorry, I don't usually include two links to myself in a single comment but these do seem on topic.)